Our Team

Kyoshi Bernard Ladouceur

One of the most senior students of Hanshi John Therien (founder), Kyoshi Ladouceur has been practicing martial arts since 1971. World-renowned instructor, he holds a 7th degree black belt in jiu-jitsu. Kyoshi Ladouceur is also one of those responsible for the black belt Evaluation Board of the Therien Organization.

A police officer by profession since 1980, he has been able to use, on many occasions, his knowledge of martial arts in his work. He is an expert in controling techniques, pressure points (PPCT), defence against various weapons, and weapons training. He is one of the most recognized police officers and instructors in defensive tactics.


Shihan Benoit Ladouceur

A 6th degree black belt in jiu-jitsu, Benoit is also the Canadian and World Light Heavyweight Champion in kickboxing. He is the school’s manager and instructor in charge of kickboxing, fitness and weight loss programs.

Benoit is one of the most dynamic instructors there is. Through his expertise in striking techniques, fitness exercises, nutrition, or as a TRX Coach, Benoit is the ideal coach for anyone who wants to get into shape. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional athlete, Benoit will know how to inspire you to give your very best, to motivate you, and to help you surpass yourself.


Shihan Robert Ladouceur

A 6th degree black belt in jiu-jitsu, Robert is also the Canadian Super Heavyweight Champion in kickboxing. He is in charge of jiu-jitsu (for adults and children), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA programs. An instructor with keen attention to details, he is diverse in his approach.

Whether you are interested in learning techniques of self-defence, grappling, stand-up and ground fighting, or weapons training, Sensei Robert is an adept of all those aspects of martial arts.


Jiu-jitsu instructors

Kyoshi Bernard Ladouceur,  7th degree black belt

Shihan Robert Ladouceur,  6th degree black belt

Sensei Luc Ouimet,  3rd degree black belt

Sensei Roger Rochon,  2nd degree black belt

Sensei Simon Ferland,  2nd degree black belt

Sensei Frank Beaudoin,  2nd degree black belt

Sensei Martin Fontaine,  2nd degree black belt

Kickboxing instructors

Shihan Benoit Ladouceur,  6th degree black belt, Elite pro-kick and world champion

Carolle Laliberté, Elite pro-kick, Certified Personal
Trainer, and Certified TRX Trainer

Steve Musgrove, Elite pro-kick

Luc Prud’homme, Elite pro-kick

Norm Courchesne Elite pro-kick

Simon Laramée Elite pro-kick

Judith Tessier Elite pro-kick

Frank Beaudoin

Joëlle St-George

Assistant’s instructors

Sampai Simon Dostie Cormier, 1st degree black belt

Sensei Frédéric Girouard, 2nd degree black belt

Sampai Samuel Dumont, 1st degree black belt

Sampai Joseph Absi, 1st degree black belt

Sampai Gabrielle Bastien, 1st degree black belt

Sampai Zoé Caissy, brown belt